Oil Change

After work, I took Vin Unleaded in for an oil change and tire rotation.  Why name my van as such?  I couldn’t name him Vin Diesel because he takes Unleaded fuel.

Anyway, it was time to take Vin in for some pampering especially since I spotted a coupon for $19.99 on a local calendar a former co-worker, Linda, had given out to co-workers that wanted as she has received several promotional ones in the mail.   I really miss Linda since she left the department as she was close to my age.  I didn’t have to explain who Mrs. Beasley was or how she had a cloth body that got skanky over time.  She also was the only person in the area that watched “The Walking Dead” and we could discuss after an episode (and we both agreed after seeing the season opener if it was going to be that violent going forward we might stop watching it all together).

While Vin was getting his treatment the fella in the office starting talking politics, which I usually avoid, but he said he was a constitutional voter, not a party voter and I could understand where he was coming from.  His point was the left will let a woman scream “My body, my choice”, the right argues if that is the case, doesn’t that woman have a right to protect her body with a gun if she chooses to do so?   While I am registered for one side, I always vote for whoever I think will do the best job and values closest reflect my own values.

The tech came in and gave me some bad news on Vin; they could only swap out two tires as the lug nuts were sticking to the studs on two of the tire and they said if they force them they might break off.  They gave me a quote on what it would take to replace the studs and it was hefty as they would have to take the brakes off as well I told them that was not something I could do today and to skip the rotation of those tires.

When stuff like this happens I always see Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live doing Roseanne Roseannadana character spiel about if it isn’t one thing, it is always another.


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