Not likely to see this on any restaurant menu

I had invited Marv and Kyle to my house for dinner tonight and said I the options were Cheddar Brats, Macaroni and Cheese and a  vegetable, Pulled Pork with Macaroni and Cheese and a vegetable or Grilled Cheese and a soup.   Marv said he had no preference.  Kyle just said “OK”.  I asked Kyle if that was for any particular one and didn’t hear back.

The day before I saw the mushrooms on markdown and asked Marv if they wanted those with garlic and butter (one of his favs) and he said yes.  I said a rice dish would go better with that and he said no, wanted Macaroni and Cheese. Actually, steak would have been the better pick for a protein to go with that, but I already had bought the other stuff that I know I am not going to eat all on my own so decided just going to go with the brats.  Instead, bought some tea and fruit pops to try for dessert.

Marv arrived and brought some tea and Double Stuffed Oreos.  Kyle arrived went to the kitchen and came out and said: “Is it just the brats and macaroni?”  From the look on his face, he was hungry and I guess he thought instead the food options being one of 3 it was all of the above.   Told him there were the mushrooms as well, along with the Double Stuffed Oreos and he was then fine with that.  I as surprised he had a full plate of food as usually he just eats a few bites of something and is done.    He even actually got a glass of milk and had a few Oreos and dunked them.

We watched “Sons of Anarchy” on Netflix and Kyle kept getting aggravated as his Dad’s questions but his Dad had never seen the show before and we were watching Season 3.  They kept aggravating each other and flicking and poking and had even use Marv’s middle name.  Kyle went to sit on the other side of the couch and that solved that problem and we finished the evening in peace.




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