Sometimes there is nothing you can say…just be there

The above is a picture of my son while eating out recently because I didn’t take any pics today.  Heard from Marv that one, but two of Kyle’s friends were killed on their motorcycles last night.  I had texted him that I was sorry to hear about that and offered to talk if he wanted and that I and his Dad were here for him.   He texted me late in the evening that he was not even sure he had enough gas money to get to his Dad’s so I told him I had $5 I could give him if he stopped by.

He texted me he would be at my place shortly and I asked him how he was doing when he arrived but could tell he didn’t want to talk.  He asked about watching an episode of “Sons of Anarchy” and I said ok and he fixed himself a can of soup and we watched an episode and said nothing.   I gave him the $8.55 that I had scraped together after going through my purse to give him for gas and he left after that.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes there is nothing you can say…just be there

  1. So sorry to read this! I can remember distinctly being his age and losing friends far too soon – and it just seems even worse when they’re your own age. too. He does need to talk about it, or he’ll implode, but at least he has you guys there ! There are sooo many resources nowadays – including all types of stuff online ( …. I bet there’s even an app for that!


    1. he and his friends ride these “Sport Bikes” that top out at 180 mph and with NOS that takes it up to 220 mph! They do this on The Bypass around our city and on our streets. There was one lad of 24 yrs old who rode a wheelie down a vert busy boulevard going perhaps 100mph and hit a truck in the side that was turning into a shopping ctr. that has : Lowes, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Rallys and others. ( the other side of the street was just as busy with Harbor Freight, a bank, StarBucks, a shoe store and others.
      The guy lived for a few minutes while the bike and truck burnt. This is typical of the friends he has that commits suicide by motorcycle. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 14 and have been involved in a few wrecks with broken bones and while I rode motorcross in the dirt, taking a bike to 120+ where you can’t react to obstacles in the road is on the path of spending your life as a paraplegic.


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