4 minutes observing an 8 year old at a grocery store

I was sitting the HIGI station taking my blood pressure when a boy that was about 8 years old (he said this at one point) went over to a bin that had movie theater box type of candy and said to me that he was getting a bunch of it and mumbling something about birthday money.   He proceeded to take a nearby box and begin loading it up with boxes of candy.  I thought to myself he might be getting that if he is shopping with his Dad, but no way if he was with his Mom, but let’s see what happens next.   He then took the box and tried balancing it on his head and almost dropped it, then went an aisle over and disappeared down the aisle.

Less than a minute later he returned with the box and started unloading the candies out of his box and back into the bin except for about a dozen boxes the disappeared around the next aisle again.  He was much less skippy on the return trip and dumped all of the boxes back in the bin and left the box.   He next went down the frozen food aisle above and opened the door, told a nearby gal he was going to be a freezer item and hopped in the freezer and shut the door.   The gal just sort of shrugged her shoulder and walked on.  He jumped out and I think he was going to go back in and I pondered getting up and having a chat with him about how unsanitary and dangerous that was (my son would have a time out at then end of the aisle and have to sit in the aisle I was shopping in), but then Mom (or it could have been Grandma) rounded the corner and his hand left the door and he straightened up, strolled down the aisle and started talking to her a mile a minute and she just calmly walked beside him and didn’t hear her say a peep.

I had to retake my blood pressure after that.


2 thoughts on “4 minutes observing an 8 year old at a grocery store

  1. I always love to see your pictures, because they are a slice of your everyday life (I don’t comment or star often enough – should fix that!) 🙂 …. This particular essay reminded me of the last time I went to that least wonderful place (or one of them, anyway) but a MUST – the laundromat … when I was there, two Millennial Moms had, apparently, decided to do there wash together, because they OBVIOUSLY had alot of discussion points 😉 – well, they weren’t watching their kids so good … usually that means shrieking that hits me like nails on a chalkboard, but this time it involved one kid closing another in a dryer! I was watching very closely and about to say something but thankfully the one kid let the other out (and didn’t have the mental capability or the money to tumble dry her little friend there!)

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    1. Oh, the joys of the laundromat. As if it isn’t bad to have to cart your clothes to your vehicle and hope all of it makes it way back home with you, but the fun of gritting your teeth while bored children create chaos because their parent(s) did have the forethought to bring something to entertain them in a corner out of the way, but still keep an eye on them.

      I always hate to have to step in and correct someone else’s kid because you never know if the parent is going to go off on you for getting “up in their business”, but I draw the line when there is a clear and present danger if they are going to hurt themselves, someone else or destroy property that isn’t theirs. Thankful that yours resolved itself (and that the other child didn’t have any quarters).

      You should start a blog and we can swap pics and stories:)


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