“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

Above is a free download from Red Robin’s website

We got a code to get tickets on Fandango for this movie by buying two $25 Gift Card Online from Red Robin restaurant chain.  This the 5th in the “Pirates fo the Caribbean” series and it is passing it off to the next generation by having the leads be early 20ish Henry, the offspring of Will Turner and Elisabeth Swann, and his quest to free Will a curse and an early 20ish female scientist, Carina, who is in search of her father that left her at an orphanage and they need to find Jack Sparrow to help them find an object they need.   While the actor playing young Henry was believable, the young gal not so much.  I get that she was to be the nerdy scientist and to be a rather bland character, but at least she should have been offbeat quirky likable and believable in her character and she was neither.  There was no real chemistry between the leads romantically, as friends or even reluctant buddies.

Without giving the plot away, the movie has an all-star supporting cast of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Javier Bordeem as the curse Captain Salazar, Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbarosa along with cameos by Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, and Sir Paul McCartney and they carry the movie, along with spectacular special effects and visuals, great sound and unbelievable action scenes.  Because of this, it is worth seeing this movie while it is still on the big screen.

Here is pic from Facebook that had confirmed that Paul McCartney had a cameo in this movie,


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