2002 Living Room

The pic for today’s post didn’t turn out so as I had pulled out the Chalk Walk photo yesterday from 2002 and it is of me in our living room that Kyle took on the Sony Mavica.  That was back during the blonde years.   I thought about cropping off my flabby arm, but then I would lose my lovely plastic plant and gold spray painted plastic shelf to the right.   Too bad I am blocking the white couch as it was still new – can only see it peeking out by the faux greenery.

Notice the desk top computer on top of a microwave cart that was functioning as a desk in the background.   I had a large desk that had barely survived the move on the back wall I had wanted it on, but as we could not reach my landlord the day that Comcast came and there had been the cable there before, the tech refused to put it in any place else.   After switching carriers later on, was able to rectify that and it is now against the back wall.

Kyle’s toy castle is to the right and the entertainment center is to the left with a telescope on top and there another toy the coffee table to the far left that is pulled over to Kyle’s sofa and I sure that it is probably covered with toys.   One thing is very different is I have collected a lot more store over the past 15 years and it does not look near as big.

The wall decor was ala Big Lots except for the Tiger embroidery hanging on the right, which was actually a place mat from K-Mart framed in a thrift store frame.

My place would never make Better Home and Gardens but it was and is home.



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