Fort Wayne Museum of Art

I had seen online that the local Museum of Art had added a painted walkway in front so after  Coney Island last night I went of the road and snapped this picture.

This is another place to visit if you are in town if you are into the Arts.   It is the building on the left above.  While the outside building is large, the Museum is only in the front part of the building and is actual gallery is only part of it but it is carefully curated and they have exhibits from all over.  They also have a gift shop.  The back part is the Civic Theater.

One time when we visited there was an exhibition of board games turned into other items and photos taken by Linda McCartney of her celebrity friends (Paul McCartney of the “Beatles” wife and she was also a member of  his band “Wings” in the 1970’s).   There was also a colorful glass exhibit and a boat motor that had been cast in a yellowish resin – I didn’t quite get the last one.

The Museum also has areas for rent and performing group we used to be involved in did a variety show there (I think the director rented it for $75/hr about 13 years ago).   They also rent out the lobby, which is spacious and modern.

They also sponsor a “Chalk Walk” every year during the 3 Rivers Festival and artists or just everyday folks reserve spaces and decorate them with chalk art.  My son and I participated in 2002 and I drew the a map of the US and Kyle drew whatever he wanted and in 2003 I drew a Garfield and Kyle and his friend drew trucks.

Tickets currently run $8 for adults and currently have free general admission every Thursday 5-8 pm.

Website:  Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Location:  311 E Main St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Here is pic of Kyle in front of our 2002 creation:




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