Big Lots Run

I decided to go to Big Lots after work as heard they might have the Kandee Johnson Retro line of Sinful Colors Nail Polish that is no longer at Meijers as I wanted to pick up a few shades before they are discontinued entirely and check out their furniture again as I am in the market for a different sofa.  The sofa that I now have it is way too low and makes you feel like you are almost sitting on the floor and hard to get up from, which is why we have dubbed it the “Japanese Sofa”.

Most of the couches they have are shorter than I want and other are sectionals with a chaise lounge on one end, which would never work in my living room and the one that did were not very comfortable even just sitting down to check them out.

Every time I go to this Big Lots I remember back when it was Scott’s grocery store back in the late 80’s (was a local chain that has since been bought out by Kroger).   Before Marv was a “Cart Master” and felt the compulsion to round up any stray cart in the parking lot, he used to get on peoples cases that would park in the fire lane.   On one such occasion here a young Mom with a boy around 5 did so and he mentioned there was a $50 dollar fine to park in the fire lane and despite having the impressionable you boy with her she yelled “F*#k You” to him.  His retort was “and such a Lady too”, which angered her all the more and a litany of expletives burst from her mouth and I thought she was going to deck him until she saw the look of horror on the boy’s face.   One thing I love about young children is they will always give you an honest reaction or opinion, but sad that this child had to see this side of his mother and such a bad example of behavior.  Expletives still flew as we continued in.

Back from the trip down memory lane, I did find two of the nail polishes I was looking for and also picked up a $1 lipstick to try.   There are times when I look at things like this and think, “Wow, is this really what my life has become?”   But for today I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life and my $5 score from an outlet store made my day.



One thought on “Big Lots Run

  1. I think that was one of my best comebacks. Simple, to the point, and really got her upset all without being crude and it made her look at her behavior. all with 5 words. Kool! and one more plus, my Lady was there to hear it.
    I did not know a Big Lots was in there. Kat sure can smell out the bargins! God Bless Her.


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