Memorial Day Carry In

One of the best things about where I work is all of the carry-ins that we have and as people start taking off at the end of the week for a long weekend, the carry-in was today.  The “Fun Committee” bought the hot dogs, hamburgers and buns and everyone else brought in everything else and there are a lot of good cooks.

I tried a recipe from a site I follow called “The Chunky Chef” for Four Ingredient Funfetti Cake Batter Dip, although I added 2/3 of a cup of powdered sugar to make it a bit sweeter but still keep the “cake batter” flavor and took in Nilla Vanilla wafers and Number Crackers (that are like animal crackers except they are numbers) and it went over very well.  It was not too sweet, cream cheese or whipped cream-ish but a combination of all that made for a nice accompaniment to the wafers/crackers.


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