Bonfire at Alethea’s

Went to a bonfire at Alethea’s and was not sure where exactly she lived since moving out of the city.  I printed off a map from Google, but after going through the town and not finding the turn off I tried using a GPS function on the phone and had to backtrack on country roads about 20 minutes.   At the last portion of the GPS said I was at my destination when I was in the middle of a gravel road by a lake.   I started driving around when I got a call from Dee asking me what I was driving and she gave me instructions on how to get there.  It turned out that it was the house way back on the other side and there was no driveway from the side I had been on which is weird.

I was sure they had been watching me and probably laughing, but Dee said she had the same problem finding it as well.  We had hot dogs, potato chips, and S’Mores.

Someone commented about having trouble finding the toilet paper but finding rolls in a deep waste can nearby and Alethea advised the cat Dad’s cat, Pest, loved to play with it now has to keep it in there since the cat papered the entire house while she was at work one day.  The cat was beautiful so would be worth the aggravation. I didn’t get pics of everyone (or the cat) that was there as needed to conserve the battery on my phone.

Sheryl’s boyfriend Bill was telling jokes and we talked about things going on in our lives.   It got colder and Alethea gave Dee’s daughter, Meghan, a blanket to use and as it got later and darker, we all huddled in towards the fire.  I took a shower when I get home to get the “campfire” smell off of me, but not sure how to get it out of the tote bag I took so sprayed it down a Gingerbread Latte spray from Bath and Body Works, but now it smells more like burned coffee.

Sheryl, Bill, Meghan




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