Clark Kent Still Has A Place to Turn into Superman…

This was posted in a Facebook group for a nostalgia group for the county I used to live in and the phone booth is in my hometown.  The post indicated that the phone was still in working order, which is a rare find.

I am not surprised at the town I had read was the last one in the state to convert when going from a 4 digit manual system to an automated 7 digit one.  Our phone number used to be 212J up until about Jr. High.  As a grade schooler, we once toured the local phone company and it was in a house near downtown and there were 3 ladies at large control board and would plug wires into holes.  To try to explain to anyone today, it looked like a freaky version of “The Matrix”.

Before that, I remember being bored as a kid and calling and asking for the time, up until one of the operators said it was only 5 minutes later than the last time I had called.

We were also on a “party line” not meaning we were having fun by any means but meant we shared the line with our neighbors.  If you picked up the phone and one of our neighbors was on the line, you could hear what they were saying, but could not make a call out, but you could ask them to get off the line.  Being a small town, there were a lot of bored “listeners in” on their neighbors for the gossip mill.    I only tried listening in once, but our neighbor was talking about his phlegm production and I decided I was not that bored and if someone was on the line already, I just hung up.



One thought on “Clark Kent Still Has A Place to Turn into Superman…

  1. who knows how to spell “phlegm”? very impressive. Also i like the way the story is written. I have had a lot of my ancestors walk these streets and my Sir Name is still on the side of one of those buildings. My great- grandparents are in this town’s cemetery


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