Jalepeno..or Jaleponyou?

We went out to a local Mexican chain restaurant, Bandido’s, for dinner.  Our son made a rare occasion to join us, probably because he is has been out of work for nearly a month and his Dad said he would pay.

While trying to have a discussion a part of the meal my son got defensive when asked when he thought he might be called for his next job and threatened to leave when our dinner had arrived and seeing Marv flick the Jalapeno on his dish off of the plate.  To try to break the tension, I decided to throw the Jalapeno at Marv, which worked as both Kyle and Marv laughed, with Marv stating he couldn’t believe I had just done that.  I can’t either.

Kyle’s remark was “Do you now call it a Jalepeno…or a Jalaponyou”

That was very off the cuff clever and more like the witty Kyle we know and love and we all laughed.

Marv mentioned stains and I reminded him of the special laundry problems I used to deal with trying to get grease and oil out of his clothing (found that “Lestoil” works best if you can still find it – it works wonders on any kind of grease, although you might need to wash it again to get the smell out).


At least that amused Kyle enough to stay, although the restaurant messed up his order, not once, but twice, first with chicken instead of chorizo and then with flour instead of corn tortillas.  The waitress’s solution was to bring out corn tortillas to swap out, but Kyle felt the meat and it was cold and decided to forgo getting anything.  They did take it off the check and even offered up a card for a free entree on next visit,  but noted it was “cold chicken” when the real issue was there was no chicken ordered in the first place.



One thought on “Jalepeno..or Jaleponyou?

  1. this was the first time in over 30 years that Kathy has intentionally flicked food on me. I dont know why she waited so long. I’ve been flicking food since I was born and I’ve got good at it. The first green pepper flicked into Kathy’s salad and the second one almost went in her water glass 🙂 .
    The one that went in her salad got flicked by her onto my shirt. the folks sitting at the next table had kids and the kids saw it and started laughing. Their parents did not.


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