Downtown Fort Wayne, Corner of Douglas & Calhoun Street

Marv and I snarfed supper at Burger King in Southgate Plaza i snapped this shot on the way back home.

The view is looking North on Calhoun where Douglas Street intersects.

On the left is the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory and one street up for that is the Hilton Fort Wayne at the Grand Wayne Center.

On the right is the Lester Grile Administration Center (which is an administrative center for Fort Wayne Community Schools) and beyond that the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (which is part of the Catholic Church) then a parking garage and beyond that the tallest building in Fort Wayne, which has been called many things over the years  but known a One Summit Square.   I guess now it is the AEP Building.


4 thoughts on “Downtown Fort Wayne, Corner of Douglas & Calhoun Street

  1. It has been many years, but it is amazing and some of the areas make you feel like you have been transported to a different part of the world. A gal I used to work with got married there and I attended her wedding in one of the areas that were full of flowers and it was like a fairy tale.


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