“We All Float Down Here”

When I snapped this pic, it reminded me of the above quote by Stephen King’s book/mini-series “It”.  I am excited that they are re-imagining the story using the technology available today, although Tim Curry’s evil but at the same time almost enticing, clown will be hard to top.

The above is actually in front of Red Robin where we went out to dinner.   He asked if the balloons were free and the waitress told him they were.  I said they were for kids, which is why I think he took two as he is older and thought he deserved two.

We stopped at Redbox outside of Walgreens and he was playing with the balloons while waiting.   A fella came out of Walgreens and I think he had intended on stopping to get a movie, but when he saw the balloons going all around he looked frightened and booked it to his car at lightening speed.

They have a “pay at the table” thing and Marv was trying to figure it out.  I texted this pic to Kyle telling him Dad was trying to figure out the speak and spell on the kiosk and it didn’t have this option.

I texted again 20 minutes later…

In fairness, he had checked out and decided to buy each of the some of the seasoned salt.  He had asked me to smell what it before dinner and I could tell it had Paprika.  He then asked me to describe it and where it came from.  Said I knew there were different types, but not the details so I had to look it up on my phone and it is a red pepper which is dried and ground into powder.

He stuck them in the window to try to keep them safe on the way home but said only one of them made it and the other is floating around somewhere on the south side of town.


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