Early Mother’s Day Dinner With Gloria at Paradise Buffet in Auburn

We had arranged to meet Gloria at Paradise Buffet in Auburn, IN tonight for an early Mother’s Day dinner at around 7:30 pm as Marv and I had been there before and I liked it better than Ponderosa, which is on the other side of the highway, as it is more spacious and the food was better.

There was a little confusion as to the location as Marv keeps referring to the place as “Paradise Lost”, which is a 17th-century poem by John Milton on the Fall of Man from God’s grace and Satan’s war with the angels.   This is much less dramatic – just a place to meet for dinner to get a made to order stir fry on the Hibachi Grill and goodies to dip under the Chocolate Wonderfall knockoff that Golden Corral has.

Although I took a lot of pictures, very few were usable as Kyle had to show his reflexes were faster than the shutter on my camera, which is what is smiling about in the first photo.  There was the usual issue with texting at the dinner table, but Marv pointed out that he didn’t do it the entire time and he did visit part of the time.




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