Visit With Kyle

The above is what someone drew on the whiteboard at work.  While this might have held true when my son was growing up, it certainly is not the case now, although I did get to see him for around and hour, which is probably the longest period of time I have spent with him consecutively in over a year (including Holidays).

Like many times before, he said he would be over tonight, but when it got to be around 11ish him I texted him and said I was going to bed.  He said he had lost track of time working on his bike and would now come over and he did show up.

Didn’t have much to talk about as I really don’t know what is going on in his life and he has no interest in mine.   He was going to see if he could find a movie but told him it was too late to start one, so we watched an episode of “Son’s of Anarchy”, which we used to watch all of the time.   He asked if I thought he had gained weight and I honestly had to tell him I couldn’t tell and I had not seen him enough to know.

I had asked him if he had a chance to see the Ocean while he was in California and he said no, he just worked.  If I was out there that is one thing I would want to see, although when I told that to my then boyfriend when I was Kyle’s age, he said the whole experience was overrated; all he saw was dead seagulls.   He did say it was Sunny and 80 the whole time and he wished he had had his motorcycle with him.

Not too far into the show, he disappeared to the kitchen in search of food and about 30 seconds later heard him say “Here’s the good stuff” then ask “Hey, can I have a can of soup” and they “Don’t mind if I do” before I had an opportunity to respond.   Next thing I hear is the can opening and the microwave going.   I told him there were crackers in the green basket and he came back in the living room and asked which green basket as the kitchen is now full of them (thanks to my attempt at organizing with plastic bins from the Dollar Tree).   I pointed out the on on the far right on the kitchen counter and he exclaimed “Those are cheese crackers!  Where are the “real” ones?”  His Dad has turned him into a Ritz cracker elitist snob, as he used to use whatever crackers were handy in our soup and used to love the cheddar fish crackers.  I actually prefer “Cheezits” or “Chicken in a Biskit.

He ate his soup and we watched the show; I think it was the first episode of the third season and it was when the Irish gang stole Jax’s baby.  It was cold said he still had hoodies in his room, but there was no way one of them would have gone over or under his leather riding jacket.  He went to put on his jacket and his collarbone where it had been broken made a crackling noise and he winced in pain.  I winced in pain just at hearing it.


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