Clothes Mentor Find – $175 London Fog Purse for $30

I stopped in at our local Clothes Mentor shop in JoAnn Plaza off of Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne and got there 15 minutes before closing and didn’t really expect to find anything, but I found the above London Fog roomy faux Crocodile print brown purse with the $175 tag still on it for sale for $30.00 and snagged it.  It is made by the same company that is best known for its signature trench coats.

Although though I think the fabric in the lining of the purse is a bit hideous.  It has 3 compartments inside with the one in the center being zippered, a zippered pouch and lot of inside pockets for a phone, ink pens and a small day planner.

It also has snaps on the side to compact it or allow it to expand, which is not something I have seen on a purse before.   The hardware and construction looked to be very sturdy and high-end.  Before spotting this purse, I was looking at a purse brand that turned out to be my namesake that was much edgier and nearly half the cost, but it was smaller and although more fun looking, also not professional looking and decided to invest in something more practical and work appropriate and this has chunky gold grommets and short chains so it is something I like in a purse as well.



2 thoughts on “Clothes Mentor Find – $175 London Fog Purse for $30

    1. No, I think you are confusing the shopping bags from Burlington, usually cat themed. I have the little black Croft and Barrow purse that the outer fabric started coming off the first time I used it, the handles are coming off and it is too small, which is why I usually put it in a shopping bag when we go out.


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