Power Outage Finally Over at 3:27AM

Last night around 9 pm, I was on the phone with Marv and it was storming so hard it sounded like I was going to lose the front wall in my living room, but instead the lights flickered and went out three times and the last time they did not come back up.   I asked him to call and make sure Kyle was ok as I figured he was out on his motorcycle.

I checked the breakers and they were fine, then looked out and saw all of my neighbors were without power as well.  When Marv called back and said that Kyle was out of the weather and ok he asked if I wanted him to call in the outage and I said yes and headed over there to watch TV for a bit and wait for the power to come back up.  Lucky me, I was one of 326 customers that were without power.

He asked me to bring some of my popcorn, so I did and we watched the last half of “The Matrix” then watched “Cooks vs. Cons” on the Food Network that Geoffrey Zackarian hosts 2 professional cooks and two home cooks are challenged to fix dishes and the guest judges try to guess who is the pro “Cook” and who is the “Con” home cook by watching the contestants techniques and choices.   The first round one contestant is eliminated and ahs to say if they cook or a con.  The next round determines the winner and before announcing the winner the contestants reveal if they are a “Cook or a Con” and a brief background of each one.  If a “Cook” wins, they win $10,000, but if a “Con” wins they win $15,000.   Of the three we watched, two “cons” won and we found it harder to guess who was the professional and who was the amateur that we thought it would be.  One thing I miss about not having cable is not watching the Food Network.

While watching got to meet Kyle’s new friend Devon,  but his other friend temporally misplaced her keys (likely when she was playing with the dogs outside) but found them after about 15 minutes.  When Kyle came home got to visit with him for a minute before he headed off to bed.

The last update on my phone said the outage should be over at around 3:30 am, so I decided to head home around 3:00 am and thankfully by the time I got here, the power was back on.


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