Get together in Upland, IN and meeting Tegan

Today there was a get-together in Upland, I and got to see relatives that have not seen in 15 to 20 years or more and got to meet my great-niece, Tegan, who is now 4 years old.

Below is Tegan with my cousin Teresa.

This is all of the kids playing outside of the place that was rented in Upland.

This is my cousin Donna that I had not seen since a family reunion back in the late ’80s.   My Aunt Marilyn is to the right.

My cousin’s daughter, Stephanie and my Uncle Deanie.  I used to babysit for Stephanie and her two siblings when she was a tot.  When I was young, from around 2 1/2 to 4 years old, my Uncle Deanie and Aunt Marilyn used to live across the street from us.

Stephanie and Aunt Marilyn.

Marv is talking with Terry, who is my cousin Kay’s husband.   Terry and Marv had known each other and been friends since they were kids, although  Terry was originally Marv’s brother Tom’s friend.   Marv and I met through Kay and Terry when we were both invited to play cards one night.

From the far left in the blue:  Rhonda, think the gal next to her is her daughter, Deanie, Marilyn, Laura Teresa, Laura’s husband Eric, Kay taking a pic, Donna, Randy’s wife Cheryl, David and didn’t meet the gal on the end – think she was with David.

Stephanie’s with her kids, Alayna and Levi, on the left and her husband Duston on the right.

This is her other son, I think his name was Nathan.  He looks a lot like her brother, Brian, when he was young except he has darker coloring.  Wondering when asked why his sister is crying if space aliens came down and hit her too.

Behind him beginning on the left is Teresa and Tegan, not sure who the boy is – either Randy or David’s Grandson, Cheryl, and I think Kira and her husband.  I had only met Kira once before, at David’s wife’s funeral and her hair was shorter.


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