Because it makes him feel pretty…

At Ulta, they had a sale on their current beauty kit for $19.99 and said I wanted to stop in and pick one up before heading to Costco.

Marv was messaging his cousin telling her about his sidetrack in his journey to get bargain brats.  What he didn’t count on is her being excited about Ulta and I said to tell her about the deal and that it contained $120 worth of makeup.  He snapped pics and she ooed and ahhed over them.   As she lives out of town and doesn’t have a car, he asked her if she wanted us to pick her up one and she said she would love one.

He then said “Sam Hell, how did I get roped in this” then asked where they were inside the store and I told him just inside the door near the counter, so he sauntered in and picked up one for her.

Pics of Ulta’s current beauty box are below:




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