Marvel Cleaners – Now Closed Due to Retirement

Marvel Cleaners has been at the corner of West State and Goshen for as long as I have lived here, is now closed and there is a sign in the window it is due to retirement.

I only took something in there to be dry cleaned in the late 1980’s as they were close to where I lived at the time and needed a suit cleaned for an interview.   It was the first time I had ever taken anything into a dry cleaner so I had no idea how expensive it would be and recall cashing in coke bottles (back when Coca Cola used to come in glass bottles and grocery stores would charge/pay you 10 cents per bottle) to have enough money to get it out in time for the interview.

I tried to steer clear of buy clothing that was dry cleaned only after that and found places that cost less (at one time, Kroger had a pickup/drop off for dry cleaning within their store on State Street) and found other places that cleaned items that were not as expensive.

I searched online to try to find an article about the business and was surprised not to find any local article on for an independently owned business that has been in business so long,

Buzz File and found the information below and that the business was founded in 1958, so it as in business nearly 60 years and was owned by Larry Evans, generated around $91,000 in revenue and had two employees.  I wish him a happy retirement.


Location:  602 Goshen Ave Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808


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