Henry from CSI looks like Wallace of “Wallace and Gromit”

I fixed the chicken I purchased on Saturday night with Frontera’s Chipotle Lime sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and Dilled Corn.  Marv also brought Double Stuff Oreos for dessert.

Kyle told Marv he would come over later, but he had said he was busy, but he never showed up.   I had  Have found when Kyle he says later, he means no,  when he says OK if means I acknowledge you said and is more like when he used to say “whatever”.   Yes is also is just another version of OK, not an actual yes.  Maybe sometimes mean maybe.   It is so hard to understand 20-somethings these days.

We watched the “Designated Survivor” on Hulu and I ate way too many Oreos.  Afterward, my sugar high crashed and I napped briefly and Marv watched CSI on Hulu.  Marv typically doesn’t like this show as it reminds him of his college days working at and living above a local funeral parlor and having to see and deal with some of the things they show in real life.

Perhaps it was still the sugar-induced haze, but when I woke up I noticed the guy that plays Henry the Lab Tech, actor John Wellner looked like Wallace of “Wallace and Gromit”.   They both have the chicklet teeth, the ears are the same and they eyes are close set and then end of the nose a bit bulbous.   The above pictures do not quite capture the resemblance that I saw in my head, but I could definitely picture a bald headed Henry playing a live-action Wallace and saying “More Cheese, Gromit”.


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