Fresh Thyme Market

While in my younger days, 9 pm would be the earliest I would be heading out to meet my friends at a club, now my 9 pm Saturday night fun is a run to the grocery store at a non-peak time as it won’t be busy and I can freely browse the aisle.   No screaming kids, no people socializing in the aisle or on their phones or texting to navigate around – just smooth sailing throughout.

Above is a view from the back of the store and there is just one other person visible shopping in an aisle I had already browsed.

Fresh Thyme advertised boneless chicken thighs for $1.99 a pound (although I don’t eat the dirty bird myself) and as typical, many time happens with good deals, there was none on the shelf.  Normally there is a line at the meat counter, but as it was a non-peak hour the man behind the counter was available and checked in the back and re-stocked and I was able to pick up a pack of 8 for $7.01 to fix for Marv and Kyle Monday night.

For being a smaller store they have a good selection of produce at a decent price and a good variety of quality products.  They have an Olive bar that is cheaper by others in town by $2 lb and a salad bar for $6.99/lb.  The only thing I don’t like about the salad bar is the beets and carrots are shredded and always are dried up brings the entire visual of the salad bar down and they are a bit pricey on many non-product items.




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