Street where I live

This is the street where I live.   It had a cul-de-sac at the end, which is nice as it cuts down on traffic.  They are all duplexes and have different styles, but most have the same yellow, beige and maroon; some have front entrances and others have side entrances.

All are rental properties owned by different landlords but all seem to have seemed to have done well in maintaining the properties.  As with any rental situation, people have come and gone over the years. although there are several renters on the street that have been there as long, if not longer than I have.

Since we have moved in we have had now had four different wall mates in our duplex.

Our first wall mates were two nurses that were quiet except for Thursday night, which was the start of their weekend, and they partied hard.   More than once Kyle ended up sleeping on the couch as his wall was up against their living room and their patio was on the other side of his window.

Our second wall mate were two nice fellas which were quiet, despite being in a band and would perform around town.   One was friendly and would say hi and chat briefly sometimes and one time fixed Kyle some fried pineapple, which he said was delicious.

The next was a couple that was a little older than Kyle and he occasionally would talk about vehicles with the guy next door, but mostly would just see in passing and say “Hi”.

The new people that moved in a few months ago must work different hours than I do as I have not really seen whoever is living there, but relatively quiet except one time when they were doing something in the garage one night.  The few glimpses that I have caught of them have been shadowy figures going into the garage late at night.   I must read too many Stephen King books as one of my thoughts were perhaps they are vampires.    I am sure my neighbors might have thought the same of me when I worked 3rd shift.




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