Meet up with Beth

Beth and met up at Regal Cinemas to see “Beauty and the Beast” but nearly all the seats were sold out, even though it has been out for two weeks.  We decided to try next weekend and went to Cracker Barrel for Brunch instead.

The place was packed and there was a 20-minute wait.  You couldn’t hardly browse the gift shop without running into people.  It felt like a real-life bumper pool experience.  It is a shame because we came across a flamingo themed display and Beth loves flamingos.  She said someone at work had already gotten her one of the cups on display and she was taking a closer look at one of the shabby-chic flamingo painted on a white boards sign and in my head I am thinking how I could DIY it for her birthday when there were impatient people who wanted through.

We ended up going outside and waiting in the rocking chairs.

Beth barely ate anything but it affected her condition and she had to leave suddenly.  I finished my the Maple Jam n’ Bacon burger that the menu described as “”

“Two 100% Angus beef* patties made to order with maple pepper bacon, sweet maple onion jam, Colby cheese, lettuce and tomato on a split-top bun. Served with our new Homestyle Fries and a sampling of Cole Slaw.”

I came very close to sending the burger back as the maple pepper bacon onion jam tasted like slimy burned charcoal.  It is not something I would order again.


2 thoughts on “Meet up with Beth

    1. That is true and some lessons learned. Because of this learned how to purchase tickets online through Fandango for next week and early Sunday afternoons are peak times at Cracker Barrel and if you want to browse the store, go on a weeknight when it is not busy.


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