Dinner at Liberty Diner

Last night for dinner, we went to Liberty Diner at they have 20 different offering as part of their $7.99 special that includes a 3 course special that includes, soup, entree (no substitutions) and a dessert (depending on what is available).

I had not tried the Southwest Quesadilla before so I picked that.  It was good, but I would have prefer crisp Iceberg lettuce to the darker lettuce (not sure what type), although the darker lettuce looks prettier on the plate so I can see why they serve it like that.

For dessert, I tried the Pecan Pie.  It was good but not as good as a fake Pecan Pie I had when working at the Nursing home in High School that was made by one of cooks named Vera that brought in a pie for the employees.  I don’t remember her last name; she was in her 60’s that would bring in her own creations from time to time for the staff to try and everything was usually delicious.

After Vera served us the pie she asked us if we could guess the ingredients; we guess things like sugar, flour, butter,  pecans, etc., but she advised it was actually made with Pinto beans and was a recipe from WWII when sugar and flour were rationed, so they were minimal.  I didn’t get the recipe (although I wish that I had) was lard (which is what Crisco in today’s world) with a little flour for the crust, the filling Pinto Beans, honey cornstarch with a little lard and topped with Pecans.

I tried to explain this to Marv, but he as distracted after seeing Onion on his plate and knew he was too traumatized to continue the conversation.




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