Meijer’s Produce Department

This is Meijer’s on Lima Road (north of Washington Center Road) new produce department since the remodel.  Before they had a good offering but now it over the top and probably better selection than Whole Foods, Fresh Market or Fresh Thyme, which are more “health food” geared.

Even before the remodel, it was the only store I could find in town to buy fresh Mint (although I didn’t notice any on this visit).  In addition to standard items like apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, carrots, tomatoes and other veggies, they offer a little more exotic items like Starfruit, Coconut, fresh pineapples, Passion Fruit and even Jackfruit (but have been out for about a week of the latter).  They also offer more bagged lettuce, coleslaw/salad and kits than they did before.

One thing this don’t seem to offer that they used to is more items in bulk.

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