Since we will be moving at work in the Fall, all of the department decorations are up for grabs and this styrofoam “Clown Pumpkin” caught my eye and I decided to pick it up as a present to my son.

Not that he is going to want it.  He has been annoyed at all of my crafty-type projects since he hit high school.  It is not that he like clowns; he doesn’t, except the one in one of his kid’s video that in a song called “Rolling” where he thought the clown looked like his Dad and he would scream “Daddy!” every time he would that he would watch it.  It is because of that.

Marv and I met a Burger King for “Whopper Wednesday” and pondered over what his reaction would be:

  • Look at it and roll his eyes.
  • Ewuh!  Mom and her craft projects!
  • Audible groan with trip to the trash can.
  • Toss to the dogs as their new chew toy.

Marv said it ended up being him mumbling under his breath something about drop kicking it and set it down someplace the dogs would sure to be take notice, especially with the neon green pompom on top as an attractant to destroy.




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