This is the view from Meijers on Lima Road where I was trying to finish off meeting my 10,000 steps a day goal and thankfully it was raining but not snowing like it usually would be this time of year.

When I walked in the greeter noticed that before I stepped out of the Maroon van in this photo, there was not rain, but like a Charlie Brown moment, it began raining as soon as I left to enter the store.

Before going to Meijer, I went to Target and had decided after walking through the entire store to the point a guy asked me if I was when I sat down in the patio section to give up on the goal that the younguns where I work that are 20+ years younger seem to be able to meet with ease before even leaving work.  Still yet, something made me want to push on.

While at Target walking, I noticed a couple in their mid-30’s that were probably getting married in the near future and picking out furnishings for their new abode.  The gal was totally into it, but the guy kept muttering “We can put it on the list”, and I assume he was referring to their wedding registry list and he looked both bored and terrified at the same time .


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