8×10 Painting


As I plan on redoing my bedroom this year and decided it is time to let go of this painting that had been on my bedroom wall for the 13-14 years.  The artist’s name in the lower right-hand corner is “Jasper”.

I had originally picked it up at a garage sale as I like the frame and had intended taking out the picture and using the frame.  After getting it home and looking at all of the details that went into such a small painting I decided to keep it and hang it up.  looks like it is someone’s living room or entryway, but never figured out what is up with the birds; they are shaped like ducks bu the coloring with the spotted feathers are more like a pheasant’s, but a pheasant looks more like a chicken with a long feathered tail at the end.  It was painted on canvas that was stretched over a well-made homemade frame.

I found over the years I have become a bit of a hoarder so I have decided to take pictures of things I don’t really need and let them go (or not buy it to begin with).  I am sure it will find made a nice decoration on whoever picks it up at the thrift store I am donating it to.




3 thoughts on “8×10 Painting

    1. Thanks for the tip. I searched online and the signature is different, but was worth checking – on one of those “Fact or Fiction” shows we watched, someone bought a painting that turned out to be by a famous painter that was worth a fortune at a garage sale.

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