Nail Polish On A Keyboard

Although a fancy, wireless, keyboard came with my computer, it eats batteries would just all of a sudden working, so I picked up a $3.00 keyboard at a thrift store a few years back that plugs into a USB slot and have been using it ever since.

Over time, the letters on the keys have worn off and while I was on the phone and had it on speaker phone and there was nail polish nearby, I decided to paint the letter “O” with red polish and when it dried, I painted the top with gold polish.   I didn’t really care for it, so I then decided to try the letter “I” in reverse with red on the based and gold as the letter and kind of liked that and it went on and on from there.

I also decided to paint the side of the keys as an accent, which was a mistake as I got polish down between the 5 and 6 and they are now conjoined twins if I try to type a 5, it becomes 65, so I now have to use the top key for a 5 or back out 6.

Thought I might as well paint the rest of the board gold and include red and gold on some of the miscellaneous keys, gold on the space bar and accent the numbers with red and ended up with the above that looks above.   Although I can say I don’t think this will be starting any trends in keyboard customization, I can honestly say I have never seen anything else like it before.



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