As my kitchen is still not all a back together again, I hit up Rally’s in JoAnn’s Plaza for dinner.  You can’t see in the photo, but to the right, there is construction as they are building a new Aldi’s  where and maneuvering to get in was a little tricky.

The old Quizno’s subs had been where Aldi’s is going in, but it closed down a year of so ago.  Food had been ok bus service was spotty and all of their subs were hot, and I prefer cold ones.  Mostly I went there when I worked in Loan Ops up the road as I could get in, eat, out and back to work within my lunch hour.  Now there isn’t a Quizno’s within 60 miles.

Back to Rally’s.   Some times I would hit up the drive-thru and park nearby when I worked in the area even though they had a few patio tables out front because the time did sit there I felt like a zoo animal on display with the road being so nearby and all of the traffic.

Tonight I ended up getting 2 Mushroom and Swiss Burger and a Large Fry and it was painful as I paid a much for a Large Fry as I would have a full bag of Rally’s frozen fries that I would normally buy at Sav-A-Lot for around $2.50.   While what you get at Rally’s is crispier, it is because they are deep fried instead of sprayed with cooking spray and baked in the oven, and even then I would only use half of bag for myself and Kyle.  I think the last time I deep fried anything since 1985.  Working as a cook and getting grease spatter burns made me really hate the whole process.

To make the Mushroom Swiss burgers, which were 2 for $3, taste less fast-foodish, I sprinkled Steak-N-Shake season salt and a just a sprinkle of Curry powder on each, which seems to go well with the flavors.


Location:  4810 Coldwater Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825


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