Great Clips Trim


Actually, I after trying to get a comb through my almost waist-length long hair (pic below) I had decided on a whim to cut all of it off and made and online appointment at Great Clips.

However, when I got there and met the beautician, I had changed my mind to a trim of 2 inches after seeing she was covered from tattoos from her upper chest to her neck and wearing a sleeveless, low cut dress with 2-inch straps.  Maybe she was younger and just looked used up from the tattoos and not serious her job and too much into partying.  Guess it comes from a time growing up where I was told my by Mom that it was only respectable if a man in the military had tattoos about his experience or rank was acceptable. It is sad because she as otherwise a pretty gal but it aged her and made her look very “rough and tumble”.

At Great Clips, they do not include a shampoo in their rate and because of my long hair and the tangles, the beautician did the right thing by getting a leave-in conditioner to get a comb through my hair and cut off the agreed to 2 inches but after she finished I asked if it was enough and she said yes.

I paid the $13 fee for the haircut and left above the standard tip, but after getting home wish it had been shorter but unfortunately, they didn’t have the guarantee like some Famous Hair to come back with 14 days if not satisfied.

Despite being given a $2 off coupon on my next visit, I will probably not go there again.


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