Dinner at Rack and Helen’s


As Marv had a card for a free dinner for his birthday we headed to Rack and Helen’s in New Haven.  This is the first time we went on a weekend evening (and likely, the last).  It was too dark to see the menu – I had to borrow Marv’s flashlight on his phone and it was too noisy to really talk.

The atmosphere is also a little too casual; the waitress sat down at our table to take our order.  When I worked in the industry, that would have been a cardinal sin. Worse yet, the guitar player that was setting up next to us plopped his dirty case on our table to set up his microphone without asking if it was or ok or apologizing, then set his water on the table.   Marv asked if he wanted a bite of his sandwich too and he seemed oblivious.  At least his bandmate was not; he told him he needed to move his water off the table.  Again, without a word or apology, he picked up his water and put it on the floor.  Perhaps a small table should be set aside and reserved for the band for these purposes and they should address that with the staff, but not fair to make their problem ours and interrupt a birthday dinner.

The food there is good and the service otherwise was alright as the waitress kept our drinks filled, but on the weekends it seems more redneck bar that happens to serve good food than a restaurant that has entertainment, which some people like.  Guess it depends on what you are looking for as to whether you want to go earlier and during the week or later at night and on the weekends.


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