Dinner at Golden Corral


Marv received a coupon for a free dinner for his upcoming birthday with the purchase of another adult entree, so we out to eat at Golden Corral.  While his was free, I ended up paying $17+ as the buffet was $13.99 (the “weekend” rate with additional offerings, beginning 4PM on Fridays) and I bought his soft drink.

I snapped the pic as we were leaving and the crowd had thinned out considerably.

When we arrived it seemed like a feeding frenzy at the zoo.  As I was sitting down a boy around 5 years old was hurrying by and stomped my foot.  He scampered on his merry way without looking back, but his older brother who was with him apologized profusely so at least one child in the family has manners.

I let Marv make his way through the herd first and saved out table, then braved the stampede.  It was utter chaos.  Worse yet, towards the dessert/baking area was a horrible whirring noise. I was wondering if we were on the Mothership and it was about to take off.  Found out later after seeing all of those pink fluffs of cotton candy I had witnessed children and adults alike scampering around and after about being mowed down by a youngster not really tall enough to reach it but made an jump shot that would have made Michael Jordan proud to get,  with that Golden Corral had decided to install a cotton candy machine and that was the culprit to that horrid noise.  Only thankful we had taken a seat at the opposite side of the restaurant.

While the cotton candy seemed to be a huge hit with the patrons and likely something inexpensive for the restaurant to offer, I think whoever thought it was a bright idea to offer spun sugar was a good idea to serve in this health/insurance conscious world we now live in, should be fired.  Not only is it enough to put someone in a diabetic coma, no wonder the kids were all hopped up and crawling on the chairs and under the table and leaving their sticky sugar cooties everywhere.

While I was focused on sugar cooties, Marv observed that one of the teen girls there had more of the front of her pants missing than not and that back in our day our Mom’s patched our jeans to cover the holes and now teens bought jeans full of holes that made it look like they had done something strenuous or perhaps even dangerous to get that type of damage, but without putting in the actual effort to earn those hole, just paying a designer/jeans company to put them in to make it look that way.  Had not thought about it from that perspective before.

Will we eat at Golden Corral again?  Probably as they do have a vast variety of good food and if you have a large group, there is at least something there that they are likely going to love.  Will it be often?   No, it will not be.





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