Meijer’s Remodel


Within the past month, Meijer’s on Lima Road finished their remodel.  Some areas of the store look much more modern, like the Sketcher’s video display that plays commercial on the screen.  It reminds of things in movies such as “The 6th Day” and “Minority Report” of what futuristic shopping areas might be like.

This display did get lure me over and get me to try on some Skechers, which is something I would not otherwise have done.  Unfortunately, my size was not available for any of the shoes I found that I liked.

The women’s clothing area was more mallesque, like a display you would see in at Glenbrook Mall at Macy’s.


The Pharmacy, on the other hand, looks like an area they might be developing an antidote for the t-Virus ala “Resident Evil”.


In register area, they added more “U Scans” and had fewer live person checkout options, which I hate, especially if you have quite a bit of groceries.  This is not an improvement as at least one thing goes wrong and you have wait for the clerk trying to service several registers.

When I was there, there were two life person options that were open had lines with massive amounts in their carts.   I didn’t have much so I ended up going to at a U-Scan and it was the typical experience;  the clerk had to come over twice because the scale didn’t pick up the bag I had brought for groceries and another when something rang up wrong and she had to fix it.

Also, there always seems to be an impatient person directly behind you tapping their foot to try to get you to move faster and makes shopping more stressful.



Location:  Meijer’s, Lima Road, Fort Wayne, IN


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