Rainy Evening Downtown


The weather has been more like early Spring than Winter, but I have no complaints.  The above is looking east on Jefferson Street at Ewing Street.  All of the business on the left, Taco Bell, Rally’s and King Gyro may not there in the future as there is a proposal to build a Coliseum downtown.

While I am all for improving this town, after working downtown for 13 years I know how expensive and what a nightmare parking is and this road was not intended for that much traffic.  The last time we went to Parkview Field for a Tin Caps game we left early (beginning of 8th inning) to avoid traffic but heard horror stories from co-workers that it took up to 2 1/2 hours for some to get out of the parking garage and on their way.   Even then, to find an affordable space, you can expect to pay $5 and up already and even then, you are going to need to walk a few blocks.

Worse yet, the Embassy Theater a bit up on the right-hand side and if there is something going on there, you can expect to find people parking with flashers on (or sometimes just parked without them) that nearly cause accidents (and sometimes do) or have to try to navigate around them.

I think the only thing that is going to make our town the convention location that it seems to be trying to be downtown, unfortunately, is to bring in a top level casino including national act shows downtown.  The downside of that is a casino seem to attract other vices no on wants in our town, like drugs, prostitution, and violence.


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