Day 4 of Marv in the Hospital


This is the view from the waiting room that I stopped in before visiting Marv in room 516 of Lutheran Hospital.  It was snowing again and dreary night all the way around.   On the way in, I found out my boots leaked and my feet got soaked.

Kyle was there when I arrived, but not for long before he stormed out.  If his own Mother can’t be honest with him, then I don’t know who can.  It’s my job.

Afterward, I went to Kroger to pick up groceries so Marv would have some food to come home and bought a lb bag of apples, A 2 lb bag of carrots, 3 cans of soups, 2 packages bagged lite Caesar salad, 2 light frozen entrees and a large package of non-fat Mozzarella Cheese sticks.

I called Kyle to come out and take the groceries in as my feet were like popsicles on the way there; unfortunately, he wasn’t  home, but at least on his way home so I had to wait for him to get there, but at least I didn’t have to get out in the cold slush in my already soaked boots.



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