Marv still in the hospital


Marv finally got a room at 7am this morning and will probably be in over the weekend.  He still has coughing spells where he almost turns purple.  He does seem to be doing a little bit better.  He said he spent the day watching videos on Youtube:  kitten playing with horses, kitten cleaning a dog, a kitten playing with another kitten, a kitten cleaning itself, etc.  He doesn’t even like cats.  His boredom was punctuated when I noticed he had actually been watching “The Wedding Planner” on the television as that movie is only one degree of separation from “Steel Magnolias” which he had no choice but to watch when he was the only guy on a bus full of women as the trip was chartered  “Women In Construction” (his mother was a member of that club as she was a Job Estimator).


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