Marv in ER


Marv’s Nurse Practitioner recommended admitting him he went for an appointment and called ahead and said they had a room for him, but when he got there he was stuck in ER and told they didn’t have any beds as one of the wings was not open.   I told him is was probably budget cuts/staffing issues and he was probably going to end up being there until morning.

While they started him on an antibiotic IV drip, they had not given him any of his regular meds.  As he was tethered and hooked up all over and there was no restroom nearby, he had to hit the call button for a nurse.   I pressed it several times over a 15 minute period and no one came.   I ended up going into the hall and asking the in uniform for assistance.  On girl with as cart with a firetruck emblem on the side (maybe X-ray machine?) didn’t say anything and just stood there with a dumb look on her face and the guy that had been walking quickly by said he something he needed to do first and he would get the nurse.  He came back a few minutes later and said the nurse for the area was on the phone so he would assist and he did (even though it wasn’t his job).

The respiratory therapist showed up and gave him a breathing treatment was very knowledgeable and even recommended a contraption for his handheld nebulizer to make it more effective.  The poor guy said he was putting in a 15 hour day.  That is insane to expect to people to be effective working those types of hours, but pretty much every hospital I have heard of runs the staff with 12 hours shifts.

The nurse for the area showed up at the end of the breathing treatment, about half hour after I had last hit the call button.  Worse yet, his cell phone did not work in that area so he had no way of calling on the phone.  I had talked about maybe checking him out and taking him elsewhere, but he said the Dr’s they wanted him to see were there.


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