Dollar Tree Haul


I used flex time to get off work early today and headed to Dollar Tree on Lima Road new Dupont to pick up some kitchen organization items (borders in my rental until are green with pink flowers)  after getting inspiration from a Youtube video.  I only bought items to see how well they work and if I like them, will have to try to find some more in the same color.

I also picked up a hair clip, a Christmas necklace, a roll of wrapping paper and 3 fun fridge magnets.

One of the Cashiers was a character.   Everyone that came into the store she greeted from her register and asked how they were doing but would respond without waiting for an answer “That’s good, that’s great”.    I thought at first it might have been sarcasm, like maybe her boss told her to be more outgoing and she was taking it to the extreme, then I wondered if she might have taken some happy pills, but by the time I checked out and hearing her interact with the customers in line and it seemed more genuine.  I guess she was just trying to spread some Christmas cheer and by answering “that’s good, that’s great” and cutting them off before they were given the chance to say otherwise was to try to put them in a positive spirit.

One person came up with a balloon and she asked whose birthday and she told them to tell the person the crazy lady at the Dollar Store wished them a Happy Birthday.   I would say that is a good kind of crazy.



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