“Enemy Mine”


Tonight fixed supper of homemade Spaghetti Sauce in the crockpot and had garlic bread and Dilled Green beans on the side and we watched this now rare 1985 movie on VHS.

It was considered a box office bomb when released around Christmas 1985 as it only earned $12 million on a budget that ended up running into $40 million which the budget was to have been $17 million.  This was likely due to the creative difference between the producer and the original director in Budapest then shut down and a new director hired and the production moved to Munich and it was not very well publicized and which is sad as it was a decent flick.

It starred Dennis Quaid as Davidge and Louis Gosset, Jr. as Jeribo (who end up being nicknamed “Jerry”) with both fighter pilots of different species (Davidge being human and Jeribo being Drac, a humanoid reptilian that was neither male or female) that were at war over planet rights that shoot each other down in a dogfight and ended up being stranded together on a inhospitable planet.  At first, they try to kill each other but as time goes on and it becomes apparent there will be no rescue for either they decide reluctantly to try to work together.

Over time they learn each other’s languages and find out their beliefs are similar.  At one point Davidge goes in search of other life on the planet and finds there had been human scavengers and deducts use Dracs as slave labor after finding a Drac skull.  He returns to where “Jerry” is at but decides not to tell him.  He finds “Jerry” is expecting a little “Drac” as with their species it happens to at a certain timeline, not by choice or action.   Something goes wrong and “Jerry” passes away before giving birth.

Something goes wrong and “Jerry” passes away before giving birth.   Davidge retrieves the child out of “Jerry” and raises him as his own.   So as to not spoil the plot entirely in case whoever reads this might want to see it (available for online rental through VUDU and probably elsewhere) I will end the description here.

The middle part that Kyle thought it was stupid and the sets unrealistic, but you have to consider this was filmed over 30 years ago before CGI so the makeup on Gossett is old-school latex that probably took hours to put on and a lot of the backdrop looks to be a created  “planet” on a sound stage.

In summary, it is a reluctant buddy movie with a little action and humor mixed in. but mostly drama and story-driven.   It is an early work of Dennis Quaid and if you are fan, it is an opportunity to see that.  If you are a Louis Gossett, Jr, fan, the only thing you will recognize is his distinctive voice as he is  mostly known for playing military leaders in movies.   It also has a good message in that are “enemies” have a point of view and sometimes if we take the effort to actually listen to it, even though they look different and come from a different culture, at heart.they may have core values similar to your own.

Probably those who won’t enjoy it are those under 30 who grew up in a more high-tech era of special effects and the unrealistic backdrop is too much of a distraction and find the film archaic and irrelevant.


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