“Crossing Lines”


Photo: IMDB

Over the last week or so began binge watching “Crossing Lines” on Netflix and finished the third Season.  It is sort of like and international version of “Criminal Minds” but instead of serials killers they are chasing a variety of crimes by a serial offender(s).

It starts out featuring Carl Hickman, portrayed by William Fichtner who played one of the Shuttle Commander’s in “Armageddon” a former top cop that after hard times is living in a trailer outside of a carnival (shades of “Lethal Weapons” “Martin Griggs” played by Mel Gibson in the movie series) and he is recruited to be part of an exclusive team to capture world-class bad guys that commit that cross borders and international impact.   

The team is led by Michael Dorn portrayed by Donald Sutherland, who is best known recently for playing “President Snow” in the “Hunger Games” series, so it was a little strange a first getting used to seeing him as one of the good guys again.

I actually liked it as well, if not a little better, than “Criminal Minds” up until Season 3 when half of the six major players on the team left and were replaced with three new ones and I wasn’t able to warm up to the two new female leads, a young one that is not buyable as being qualified for being on the team at all, and the other one played by Elizabeth Mitchell, who played the Principal/Mrs. Claus to be in “The Santa Claus 2” and she brings the same undertone of icy to this role as she did that one and who I think would be better suited for a villain role.  

Even though the Shuttle Commander has left and been replaced by Mrs. Claus for a team led by President Snow it is worth checking out if you have Netflix.




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