Ulta at Northcrest


I took 1/2 day of work to shop and headed to Ulta at Northcrest, a store that I had visited frequently in the early 2000’s on a regular basis at their Jefferson Pointe location but had never been to this location.

I would have to say this location is much smaller than the Jefferson Point location.  Also, at the time, I with the exception of the staff at the store, everyone in the store was middle aged so why they were playing a Britney Spears Christmas album.   Up until today, I had only hoped such a musical genre was a freak accident, with Britney’s distinctive, but creepy, kittenish, nasal whine. that only young people and pervy guys over 40 seem to love.

I would think that the store’s demographics during the weekdays from what I saw and they should have songs such as “Frosty the Snowman”  by Burl Ives or at the latest, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” to make the customers want to revisit their youth and buy products to make them look younger; not something that makes them feel old or that they are being psychologically tortured with music like Noriega in Panama in 1989 to get him to surrender.

I purchased (with the $3.50 discount coupon I printed off at home)  their Ulta gilded makeup set on sale for $19.99 that included at $5 coupon for future purchases.

I asked Marv if he wanted to buy it off me for $12 for a Christmas gift me as I knew he would never have gone into a store to buy such a thing, especially since it would have been a glittery gold box put in a pretty pink bag it would be put in as it was way too froo-froo for his plumber image.  He shivered at the thought of carrying and pink bag and agreed.

I think like with anything else, you need to shop around and get an idea of what items cost at different places; sometimes Ulta has great deals, sometimes you can get the same or similar less expensive elsewhere.


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