“Black Thursday” shopping at Wal-Mart”


Several national chains, such as Wal-Mart, start their “Black Friday” events on Thursday after 6pm and we decided to check it out.

For the most part, they were prepared for the mayhem as there were 5 police cars up front, a well-stock supply of sale flyers near the door, plenty of registers open and a greeter at each entrance that checked receipts upon exiting.

The only fail was the organization of sale item in the store and knowledge of associates on the sales floor.  Marv was in the market for TV and asked where the least expensive model was located; the guy in Electronics said “all over the store” and “mostly in the aisle”  and acted annoyed that we had asked and which was of little help.

Down the way from Electronics was a young black man in his early 20’s that seemed to be directing other associates and answering questions from customers right and left and was very knowledgeable and advised that the cheapest one had been up front near the Pharmacy but might have been out of stock (I checked, it was) and the other was clear down at the other end of the row, which it was (Marv found it near the Produce section).  He was polite, friendly and professional.  I wish we had got the young fellas name as he deserved a raise.

Another fail with a Middle aged woman who worked in the grocery section when I asked an associate in the aisle about a price scanner and she didn’t know where one was.  I get it, she was probably just “Holiday” help hired for the Christmas season.  Even still, if she didn’t know, she should have been mature enough to offer to find out.  Another shopper overhead and offered where to find one in the recently reorganized store.



One thought on ““Black Thursday” shopping at Wal-Mart”

  1. Lots of stinky rude people there and didn’t anyone tell the cops that they were parked in a fire lane, I didnt see a fire. I guess the laws are for “other” people. Oh, I did buy a 40″ Dumb LED/LCD tv for $125.00. It will be ok for the guest room. The picture was not what I have come to expect from one of those HD TV’s. I guess you just have to spent 500 or so on a 40″ before they get the fuzz out of the screen. I better go to bed. I just read this back and it sounds sorta mean


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