Thanksgiving Meal – Under $25


For posterity, I thought I would post what the cost for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow will be.  This does not include pantry items like flour, garlic cloves and spices or dairy items like milk and butter that I already keep on hand.  I don’t eat turkey and my family likes potatoes is the reason for two different kinds.  The corn with some butter spray and Dill is to cut down on calories and fat over the traditional green bean casserole.   We are trying to cut out sweets so opted not to make a dessert this year.

All but the mushrooms were purchased at a sale price and I could have easily cut the total in about half if I had needed to (and there have been years that I have had to).   I wanted to lessen the chance of failures and mess and prep time/cleanup time in the kitchen and basically, the only thing I have to worry about is getting the gravy right and keeping an eye on the bird.  Everything else is heat-and-eat with a little doctoring up.

I might have been able to ad match at Walmart and only shopped one place, but it is a hassle unless you shop during non-peak hours and have everything prepped before you get to the register.

  • 2 lbs Baby Portabello Mushrooms (for gravy) – $4.49 at Costco – for gravy – only using 1 lb – cost $2.25
  • Vegetable Stock – $1.99  on sale at Meijer – for gravy
  • Scalloped Potatoes – on sale $4.49 at Costco
  • Reynold’s Oven Bags – 2 for $1.99 (only using one – putting one back for Christmas dinner)
  • Idahoan Baby Reds Mashed Potatoes. Large bag on sale for $2 at Meijer and small bag for $1 at Kroger – this is our favorite brand
  • 12 Hawaiian Rolls – on sale at Meijer – $1.50
  • Del Monte – 2 cans of corn – .69 cents each on sale at Meijer
  • 12 lb Turkey – Meijer brand – $7.59 purchased 1/2 price with an additional $30 at Meijer.

To go cheaper:

  • Gravy – make your own just with pan drippings, flour, butter and water and maybe add a chicken bouillon cube or two, Thyme and Rosemary and cut out the Mushrooms and Broth. This would cut around $7.50 from the above cost.    (What I am making above I intend to be a double batch to keep on hand for the rest of the week to use in other dinners).
  • Homemade mashed and scalloped potatoes using milk instead of cream, but if you use cream, it might cost more than pre-packaged.   If you buy a large bag of potatoes the cost will be the same but you will have potatoes to last you for more or if you have a larger crowd, make extra for them to fill up on instead of the meat.
  • Skip the Oven Bag and use aluminum foil or baste every half hour or both.  Save $1-1.75
  • Rolls – you can usually find standard dinner rolls for around .99 cents around Thanksgiving or make your own rolls or biscuits and save .50 to 75 cents
  • Corn – might be able to find store brand or generic for .33 to .49 cents – save  .20 cents .36 a can, but .69 is cheap for a name brand vegetable and the quality is higher
  • If you can find Turkey cheaper than .59 cents a pound .   If you have a small crowd, you might also consider buying a small ham or even a few slices of thick sliced ham from the deli and add more vegetable dishes or macaroni and cheese or pasta salad to the table.

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