Voting Day 2016


I got off work 1/2 hour early to vote as I was concerned the lines would be atrocious, but thankfully, it was not too bad and only took about 20-25 minutes.  The location I voted at was fairly organized.  There was a gal at a table by the door that just seemed to be there to answer questions and no one had any, another guy at a table to the right that didn’t seem to be doing anything, two people verifying photo ids using a laptop machine and 3 people assisting at the machines.

The woman in the photo on the right is probably the reason things ran smooth at this location.  In between her duties at the machines and explaining how to use them, she had people stand in a staggered line so everyone would fit inside as it was cold out, pointed out there were chairs all around if people needed to sit down and said she was sure the people in line with them would hold their places for them if they needed to.


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