Early Voting Lines


This was the early voting line at around 8pm on Thursday night at the Rousseau.  We first went to Hessen Cassel Library but there were people out the door of the library, the lot was full, as was overflow parking at the bank next door, so we decided to try to downtown.

I didn’t get much sleep the night before and was not up for waiting in line and went back to the van and had to wait for Marv.  While waiting, I decided to snap a few pics. Across the street from the parking lot on Calhoun street.

Across the street from the parking garage is the Keystone Building.  It is an older building and contains several businesses, but most notably B&B Loan Co. which is a pawn shop where you can pawn/buy anything from constructions tools to musical instruments to jewelry.


This is Columbia Street and there has been a steady rotation of coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants in many of the buildings over the years with Columbia Street on the far right corner being the anchor and in business the longest.

There is also now a place called Flashback’s on the right with the neon light and from why Kyle has said as he used to go there with his friends, it is an 80’s themed oldies establishment.


Marv was in line 1 1/2 hours.  They locked the doors at 9pm, but it still took another 1/2 before he could vote.  He said there were only two people verifying driver’s licenses and they said that it had been this busy since early voting began.

I got off work early and went to the Dupont Branch but the line was just as long there and no place to park, so decided to just vote after work on Tuesday.





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