More Coats for Donation to Coats for Kids


These are the 3 coats I picked up at the Salvation Army recently on for Marv’s donation to the Coats 4 Kids promotion at work.   The gray one was $4.99, but the red and the green ones were half price so, so one the red one was marked $6.99 and ended up being $3.50 and the green one wad $4.99 and ended up being $2.50, so all were around $11.00.

The red coat had rips in the lining of both pockets that I fixed by folding over a ribbed ribbon and zigzagged together as the edges were a little frayed, the gray one I blogged about yesterday and the green one had few dirt stains that came out with I rubbed them with Persil ProClean laundry detergent, which I highly recommend it you have heavily soiled garments, and allowed to sit overnight then washed.

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