Minor Coat Refashion


I had picked up a few coats at the Salvation Army on Marv’s behalf to donate for coats for kids.  I found one that had been a “Bumblebee” Transformers coat but the iron decal on the back was coming off and looked bad, although the rest of the coat was in good condition and it was $4.99   I decided I would put something over the iron-on and picked up a Hollister t-shirt for half price so it was around 60 cents and it was close in color to the coat so I picked it up.

I used the same technique on the coat that I did on the Melded T-Shirt on my craft blog where I cut out the decal on the t-shirt and placed it over the old decal on the Transformer’s coat using Heat N Bond and then sewed around the edges to secure it on the coat.  I originally meant for the t-shirt part to be at more or an angle but had not taken that into account when I measured the shirt and there was not enough space on the sides and the decal underneath would have peeked out the sides.   While not ideal, it will still be a warm, wearable coat for a child this Winter and won’t too used.




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